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Fresh Chestnuts Sold Out for 2006 Season!

Gifts, Dried Chestnuts and Chest Flour Available

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Delmarvelous Chestnuts had a wonderful 2006 harvest season. Our harvest was great and we are ready to help you have the best fall season ever! Although our fresh chestnuts are sold out for the 2006 season, you can still enjoy our holiday gifts, dried chestnuts and chestnut flour.

at the chestnut orchard
Nancy & Max
At the Orchard

Autumn is always an exciting time of the year for us. The trees are loaded with nuts, the air is turning crisp and we are getting ready to ship chestnuts to your and yours.

It is also wonderful to be recognized for your work. We are delighted, honored and very humbled to be the recipient of such wonderful recognitions and local articles again this year. If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region, look for our picture in that section of Southern Living magazine. The article is "40 Points of Pride, Mid-Atlantic People, Places and Traditions". Later this fall look for us in Hunt Magazine and in Signatures of Brandywine Valley. As our Delmarvelous Chestnuts continue to be featured in regional and national magazines and on TV, check back to our news page for all the details!

Delmarvelous Chestnuts were specially bred chestnuts to combine the sweetness of the American chestnut and peel-ability of the Chinese chestnut. When you are peeling our chestnuts, the inner skin does not stick to the nutmeat! The inner skin sticks to the shell! Our Delmarvelous Chestnuts are the finest American grown chestnut available today.

Almost all fresh chestnuts sold in your local markets are imported. These imported chestnuts come from all over the world--Italy, Spain, Korea, China, and sometimes even Portugal. By the time these imported chestnuts reach your local market, they are no longer fresh. In many instances, the chestnuts have already started to mold. Many of these varieties sold in your local market are also really tough to peel, with a sticky inner skin that adheres quite firmly to the nutmeat.

Comparatively, our Delmarvelous Chestnuts are a joy to peel. Whether you're roasting in the oven or a microwave for recipe preparation, the inner skin sticks to the shell--not the chestnut!

Our chestnuts come to you FRESH from our orchard. We utilize the latest growing techniques to produce a healthy farm-fresh product. We process and sort our chestnuts by hand to ensure our customers the finest gourmet quality chestnut available.

Delmarvelous Chestnuts make an original and wonderful gift. You can send them alone or in combination with any of our related chestnut items.

Since chestnuts are our only business, you can be assured we give every order our undivided attention. Whether you are sending chestnuts for the holidays or just a thank-you gift to clients, fresh American grown domestic chestnuts make a unique gift that is sure to be appreciated. Click here for descriptions of our gift packages, roasters, knives and more. Chestnuts are a unique gift and fit in so well with the mood of the season.

From a culinary point of view, chestnuts are a very versatile food and are nutritionally equivalent to brown rice. They can be boiled, roasted or cooked in a microwave. Chestnuts are quite delicious when eaten by themselves, but they can be eaten with vegetables, used in stuffing and soups, and make marvelous gourmet desserts when added to ice cream or chocolate. See our recipes and feel free to print them. The price of Delmarvelous Chestnuts includes all costs associated with shipping. To ensure that our product will reach you fresh, we pack your order the same day we ship it.

Our shipping department looks at the most efficient way to get your fresh chestnuts to you in the timeliest manner. Click here to order. If you have a question about shipping, please make a note on your order or send us an email.

Contact Nancy Petitt at for questions relating to Delmarvelous Chestnuts.

We invite you to read about our chestnut orchard.

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Contact Nancy Petitt at for questions relating to Delmarvelous Chestnuts.
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